Poorest Countries in the World

There are a lot of countries in the world. Some of them are rich and some of them are poor. Could it be possible that riches are not well distributed? Maybe. Economists claim that the situation is much more complex than that but, when you take a look at the numbers you can’t help to ask yourself what is going on in the world and how can this situation be solved without compromising the opportunities found in rich countries.

The Poorest Countries in the World are located in Africa. The Gross Domestic Product or GDP is very low in countries such as Liberia, Niger or Mozambique. The thing is that the ten countries that make it to this list are all located on this continent. It actually makes you think about the difficult situation in Africa and what the rest of the world can do to reverse it.  

The list was done to raise awareness from the world regarding this subject. Its main objective is to make people think about Africa and what they can do in their everyday lives to help people who live in these countries deal with this situation. And, even though you feel powerless regarding world decisions, there is a lot you can do about it.  

As-H (Author)