Twin Towers Correctional Facilitytwin

The Twin Towers are also known the Twin Tower Jain in the media, is located in Los Angeles, California and it is operated by the County Sheriff’s Department. It is called Twin Towers because the big facility is formed by two identical towers and one of these towers there is the Medical Center Jail Ward. It was inaugurated in 1997 but it was empty for a while. Inside the facility there is a central control room to have control over the different areas of the facility.

It uses the last technology in security systems, however, in 2001, Kevin Pullum, a convicted murderer, managed to runaway using the employee exit, and there have been 13 escapes in total. It is had been reported to be one of the worst prisons of the US with several attacks of deputies registered. Paris Hilton and Steve-O are notable inmates that were in the twin towers correctional facility.

During 2014, people of neighboring areas were alerted and screams could be heard from the facilities. There are many inmates with mental health conditions are housed inside the Correctional Treatment Center and their screaming can be heard from the outside. This raises awareness about the jailing of the mentally ill and the conditions in which they live.

As-H (Author)