Ugly Wedding Dresses from Celebrities

The wedding dress you choose for your wedding is the most important thing of the ceremony. It is not your hair, it is not your make up, it is not you at all, it is the dress. Choosing the right one is of essence, it has to match your personality and of course the essence of the party and ceremony. To choose correctly, you can inspire from ugly wedding dresses  worn by celebrities and  learn from some of their bad choices.

And example of wrong choice is the dress chosen by Tina Turner and his black and green dress. But there are also other examples, Emma Thompson’s for example, the British actress appeared to be wearing curtains. Celine’s Dion wedding dress Marie Antoinette style is also a big no, as Kate Price’s dress, Mariah Carey’s dress and definitely, Pamela Anderson’s Bikini.

Choosing your dress for such an important night is not an easy task, but from celebrities’ poor choices, we can say that you need to be elegant, that sometimes less means more, that if you are not going white, you cannot go black or bright, that accessories need to be a perfect match for your dress. Take your time, do your research, try them all and look radiant.

As-H (Author)